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La Tabú improvises tango for dancers. Every concert is different because we never play a piece the same way twice. We love it when people dance to our music, so we lure, tempt and seduce. And we tease a little too...
La Tabú sprang from the chemistry of Gerard van Duinen (bandoneon) and Tjerk van der Ham (piano, vibrandoneon). Both accomplished musicians, both long-time tango dancers. Both looking for cool ways to generate new music. They found the perfect set-up during the Taboe Tango Camp 2011, performing for 180 tango dancers every night.

La Tabú is a quartet. Or a quintet. Maybe even bigger. Who knows? Want to dance to live tandas of straight tango, deep tango, neo tango, non tango and 17 other variations? Then contact us. It will be tango like you've never heard before. Because we've never heard it before either!
La Tabú (foto Peter Schuessler)